Can SIS and BRO Be Used In Scrabble?

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BRO is valid to play in Scrabble for 5 points

About the word BRO

“Bro” is a noun that is commonly used to refer to a male friend or associate, often implying a close bond. It is a colloquial term that is a shortened form of “brother” but is not always used to refer to a sibling. The usage of “bro” has extended beyond its original meaning to sometimes describe a certain type of young man, especially one who is associated with party culture and a laid-back attitude.

Similar Words:

  • “Sib” — refers to a sibling.
  • “Pal” — another term for a friend.
  • “Bud” — casual way to address a friend, short for buddy.
  • “Fam” — slang term that refers to one’s family or close friends, treated like family.

“Bro” can also be part of compound terms or phrases that have gained popularity in certain subcultures or internet communities. Some examples include “bro code” (an informal set of rules about friendship and etiquette among men) and “bromance” (a close friendship between men).

Definitions of BRO

  • (noun) Brother; a male sibling
  • (noun) Brother; a male comrade or friend; one who shares one’s ideals.

Example Sentences

  • “Hey BRO, let's grab a bite to eat and catch up this weekend.”
  • “My BRO always has my back in tough times; he's like a brother from another mother.”

Words Containing BRO

  • broo 6
  • bros 6
  • brod 7
  • brog 7
  • brow 9
  • broil 7
  • brool 7
  • broos 7
  • brose 7
  • broad 8
  • brods 8
  • brogs 8
  • brond 8
  • brood 8
  • dobro 8
  • brome 9
  • bromo 9
  • bronc 9
  • broom 9
  • brosy 10
  • broth 10
  • brown 10
  • brows 10
  • fibro 10
  • brogh 11
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SIS is valid to play in Scrabble for 3 points

About the word SIS

“Sis” is defined as a colloquial term for sister. In Scrabble, sis is a particularly easy word to play, as it uses a vowel and the popular letter “s”. This makes it perfect for playing plural words off in later turns by hooking letters.

Similar words to sis include:

  1. Bro — a slang term for brother.
  2. Sib — a gender-neutral term for a sibling.
  3. Kid — a casual word for a child or young person.

Words Containing SIS

  • siss 4
  • sist 4
  • psis 6
  • arsis 5
  • oasis 5
  • sisal 5
  • sises 5
  • sista 5
  • sists 5
  • desis 6
  • apsis 7
  • basis 7
  • lysis 8
  • assist 6
  • enosis 6
  • insist 6
  • lassis 6
  • noesis 6
  • resist 6
  • sensis 6
  • sisals 6
  • sisses 6
  • sissoo 6
  • sistas 6
  • sister 6
  • More SIS words

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