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The word QUIT played in Scrabble
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QUIT is valid to play in Scrabble for 13 points

About the word QUIT

The meaning and definition of quit is to stop, cease, or discontinue something. An example of this word in a sentence could include: “I quit playing Scrabble as I became too addicted”. Although we’d hope this would never be the case.

Synonyms of the word quit include resign, give up, abandon, and leave. Furthermore, quit can be extended into longer, higher-scoring words such as quite, quits, equity, quitted, and quitting to name a few examples.

Example Sentences

  • “Feeling unfulfilled in his job, he decided to QUIT and pursue his passion for photography.”
  • “She made the difficult decision to QUIT the toxic relationship, prioritizing her well-being and happiness.”

Words Containing QUIT

  • quite 14
  • quits 14
  • squit 14
  • quites 15
  • requit 15
  • squits 15
  • quited 16
  • acquit 17
  • equity 18
  • quitch 20
  • equites 16
  • quittal 16
  • quitter 16
  • quittor 16
  • requite 16
  • requits 16
  • quiting 17
  • quitted 17
  • acquite 18
  • acquits 18
  • coquito 18
  • mesquit 18
  • squitch 21
  • mezquit 27
  • equitant 17
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QATS is valid to play in Scrabble for 13 points

About the word QATS

“Qats” is the plural form of the word “qat.” It is a shrub whose leaves are used as a mild stimulant when chewed or brewed as a tea and is common in Arabian countries.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend “qats” in Scrabble any further to create a longer word. No letters can be added to either the start or end to form a new word in this instance.


QUID is valid to play in Scrabble for 14 points

About the word QUID

Quid’s high score of 14 points is primarily thanks to the “Q” character that makes up 10 out of the 14 points for quid.

Quid is commonly used as a term to represent a form of currency, typically one British pound sterling. However, it also can be used as a noun, meaning a piece of chewing tobacco.

Quid is a great 4-letter word in Scrabble that is high scoring due to its use of the “Q” letter tile. It can be extended easily with an “s” to make “Quids” or with “am” to make “Quidam”. Alternatively, an “s” or an “e” can be placed in front of the word quid to make “Squid” or “Equid” respectively.

As a result of Quid’s already high score, playing it on a double or triple word multiplier square on the Scrabble board is a highly beneficial move for players.

Definitions of QUID

  • (noun) The inherent nature of something.
  • (noun) A section of the Democratic-Republican Party between 1805 and 1811 (from tertium quid).
  • (noun) A sovereign or guinea.
  • (noun) Pound sterling.
  • (noun) A piece of chewing tobacco.
  • (noun) The act of chewing such tobacco

Example Sentences

  • “In the bustling market, vendors proudly displayed their goods, each priced in British Pounds or QUID.”
  • “During the trivia night, the contestant confidently answered, That'll be five QUID, earning cheers from the audience.”

Words Containing QUID

  • equid 15
  • quids 15
  • squid 15
  • equids 16
  • liquid 16
  • squids 16
  • quidam 18
  • liquids 17
  • quiddit 18
  • quiddle 18
  • squidge 18
  • quidams 19
  • liquidy 20
  • squidgy 21
  • illiquid 18
  • liquidus 18
  • soliquid 18
  • quiddits 19
  • quiddler 19
  • quiddles 19
  • squidges 19
  • obliquid 20
  • quiddled 20
  • quidnunc 20
  • squidded 20
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QINS is valid to play in Scrabble for 13 points

About the word QINS

Qins, the plural form of the word “qin”, is a type of musical instrument that is traditionally used in China. It is a seven-string instrument that has existed for over 3,000 years and holds great cultural significance.

The only possible way to extend qins in a Scrabble game is to turn it into the word “Guqins”, which coincidentally carries the same meaning as qins.

Words Containing QINS

Word definition sourced from Wiktionary under CC BY-SA 4.0. We verify the validity of the words discussed in this article against our own data and official Scrabble dictionaries such as the NASPA Word List and SOWPODS (Collins Scrabble Words).

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