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HA is valid to play in Scrabble for 5 points

About the word HA

“Ha” is a handy two-letter word for Scrabble players that makes playing the “H” letter tile a breeze.

Ha’s meaning is an expression of laughter, often used to indicate amusement or sarcasm. Ha, can also be used as a noun to describe a forced or insincere laugh. Some synonyms of ha include “ha-ha” and “hoo-ha”. It could be used in a sentence such as “Ha, did you see Michael lost a game of Scrabble again?” (although we’d never encourage laughing at your opponents).

To extend “ha”, players could consider any of the following words: “Ham” or “Hap” for 8 points, or “Haj” for an impressive 13 points.

Definitions of HA

  • (interjection) A representation of laughter.
  • (interjection) An exclamation of triumph or discovery.
  • (interjection) Said when making a vigorous attack.

Words Containing HA

  • aha 6
  • hae 6
  • han 6
  • hao 6
  • has 6
  • hat 6
  • sha 6
  • had 7
  • hag 7
  • cha 8
  • ham 8
  • hap 8
  • hah 9
  • haw 9
  • hay 9
  • wha 9
  • haj 13
  • haar 7
  • haen 7
  • haes 7
  • haet 7
  • hail 7
  • hain 7
  • hair 7
  • hale 7
  • More HA words


HE is valid to play in Scrabble for 5 points

About the word HE

Some of the definitions and meanings of the word “he” include:

  • A pronoun used for a male person or male animal – for example, “He played a game of Scrabble”.
  • The 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
  • A symbol for the chemical element helium – a colourless gas.
  • An expression of laughter, such as “Hehe” similar to the term “Ha” or “Haha”.

Some of the best ways to play off “he” in Scrabble include the words “Hex”, “Hem”, and “Hey” if you’re looking for similar short words to maximize points. Alternatively, you could go for “Helix”, “Heavy”, “Heaven”, and “Height” if you are looking for something a bit longer.

Similarly, “Hi”, “Ho”, and “Ha” are excellent two-letter H words that use alternative vowels with the H character.

Definitions of HE

  • (noun) The game of tag, or it, in which the player attempting to catch the others is called "he".
  • (noun) The player attempting to catch the others in this game.
  • (pronoun) (personal) A male person or animal already known or implied.
  • (pronoun) (personal, sometimes proscribed, see usage notes) A person whose gender is unknown or irrelevant.
  • (noun) The name of the fifth letter of many Semitic alphabets (Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic and others).
  • (noun) The name of the first letter of the Old South Arabian abjad.

Words Containing HE

  • hen 6
  • her 6
  • hes 6
  • het 6
  • she 6
  • the 6
  • che 8
  • hem 8
  • hep 8
  • heh 9
  • hew 9
  • hey 9
  • hex 13
  • ethe 7
  • heal 7
  • hear 7
  • heat 7
  • heel 7
  • heil 7
  • heir 7
  • hele 7
  • hell 7
  • helo 7
  • hens 7
  • hent 7
  • More HE words


HO is valid to play in Scrabble for 5 points

About the word HO

The word Ho has multiple meanings. It can be used as an interjection to express surprise or joy. Alternatively, it can be used as a noun in reference to an explicit and derogatory term towards females. It is a somewhat informal and potentially controversial word, so use it with caution.

The majority of Ho’s score comes from the “H” character which is worth 4 out of 5 points altogether. If used wisely, it could fetch as high as 15 points on a triple word square so should not be overlooked as a word.

Words Containing HO

  • hoa 6
  • hoe 6
  • hoi 6
  • hon 6
  • hoo 6
  • hos 6
  • hot 6
  • oho 6
  • rho 6
  • sho 6
  • tho 6
  • hod 7
  • hog 7
  • hob 8
  • hoc 8
  • hom 8
  • hop 8
  • mho 8
  • pho 8
  • hoh 9
  • how 9
  • hoy 9
  • who 9
  • hox 13
  • zho 15
  • More HO words

Word definition sourced from Wiktionary under CC BY-SA 4.0. We verify the validity of the words discussed in this article against our own data and official Scrabble dictionaries such as the NASPA Word List and SOWPODS (Collins Scrabble Words).

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