JA and JO - The Only Valid 2 Letter J Words In Scrabble

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The word JA played on a Scrabble board
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JA is valid to play in Scrabble for 9 points

About the word JA

Ja is a word with multiple meanings; it can be used as an adverb simply meaning “yes” or alternatively as a noun the word ja is a synonym of the Korean foot (a traditional unit of length equivalent to about 30.3cm).

Ja can be extended to make words such as “Jar”, “Jab”, and “Jag” which are acceptable in Scrabble. A substitute two-letter J word for players is “Jo” which similarly is worth 9 points.

Definitions of JA

  • (adverb) Yes
  • (noun) Synonym of Korean foot: a traditional unit of length equivalent to about 30.3 cm.

Example Sentences

  • “During the traditional celebration, participants joyfully shouted JA to express agreement and unity.”
  • “He gave a confident JA in response to the proposal, signalling his enthusiastic approval of the new business idea.”

Words Containing JA

  • jai 10
  • jar 10
  • jag 11
  • jab 12
  • jam 12
  • jaw 13
  • jay 13
  • jak 14
  • ajar 11
  • jail 11
  • jane 11
  • jann 11
  • jarl 11
  • jars 11
  • jass 11
  • jato 11
  • raja 11
  • soja 11
  • jaga 12
  • jags 12
  • jaap 13
  • jabs 13
  • jagg 13
  • jams 13
  • jape 13
  • More JA words


JO is valid to play in Scrabble for 9 points

About the word JO

Jo is used as a term meaning “darling” or “sweetheart” when addressing a person - for example, “Maria is my jo.”

In Scrabble, Jo is one of the highest-scoring two-letter words due to its use of the J letter tile which accounts for 8 out of 9 of the word’s overall score. This makes it a powerful word to use in games.

It’s relatively easy to play due to its short nature and use of a vowel - meaning once you’ve got the J tile finding a place on the board should be simple. Once played, Jo can easily be extended to create words such as “Jog”, “Joe”, and “Jot” to name a few examples.

The word JO played on a Scrabble board

Definitions of JO

  • (noun) Darling, sweetheart.

Words Containing JO

  • joe 10
  • jol 10
  • jor 10
  • jot 10
  • jog 11
  • job 12
  • jow 13
  • joy 13
  • joes 11
  • join 11
  • jole 11
  • joll 11
  • jols 11
  • jolt 11
  • jors 11
  • joss 11
  • jota 11
  • jots 11
  • jour 11
  • sijo 11
  • sjoe 11
  • dojo 12
  • gajo 12
  • jogs 12
  • jong 12
  • More JO words

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