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The word QI played on a Scrabble tile rack
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QI is valid to play in Scrabble for 11 points

About the word QI

“QI” is a Chinese word meaning the life force that flows through all living things. Also, spelt “CHI” and “KI”, QI is an essential concept in Chinese philosophy and medicine.

QI is considered one of, if not the most powerful word in Scrabble, as it’s the only two-letter word using the letter Q in the Scrabble dictionary.

Is QI allowed in US and Canadian Scrabble games?

Yes, QI is in the NWL2018 Scrabble dictionary, also known as the NASPA Word List from the year 2018. This dictionary is commonly used throughout the United States and Canada in official tournaments, meaning QI is good to play within these regions.

Is QI allowed in the UK and across the rest of the world?

Yes, “QI” is also valid in the Collins Scrabble Words (CSW) dictionary meaning it is viable in the United Kingdom. As the CSW dictionary is also used throughout the rest of the world, QI can be considered a playable Scrabble word globally and is safe to incorporate into your gameplay.

QI is a unique word in Scrabble that has become extremely popular across online communities and search results. Its popularity can be attributed to a couple of elements of this word:

  • It’s short at only two-letters long, thus making it easy to play.
  • It uses the high-scoring “Q” letter tile which scores 10 points.
  • It doesn’t require a “U” to be played like many other “Q” words.

The word QI played on a Scrabble board

Definitions of QI

  • (noun) The twenty-second letter of the Classical and Modern Greek alphabets.
  • (noun) A life force in traditional Chinese philosophy, culture, medicine, etc, related (but not limited) to breath and circulation.
  • (noun) The Chinese foot, a traditional Chinese unit of length based on the human forearm.
  • (noun) (Mainland China) The Chinese unit of length standardized in 1984 as 1/3 of a meter.

Words Containing QI

  • qin 12
  • qis 12
  • qins 13
  • guqin 15
  • qibla 16
  • faqir 17
  • qintar 15
  • guqins 16
  • qindar 16
  • qiblas 17
  • qigong 17
  • faqirs 18
  • qiviut 18
  • qintars 16
  • qindars 17
  • inqilab 18
  • qigongs 18
  • qiviuts 19
  • inqilabs 19
  • qintarka 21
  • qindarka 22
  • qinghaosu 22
  • tsaddiqim 22
  • tzaddiqim 31
  • qinghaosus 23
  • More QI words

Word definition sourced from Wiktionary under CC BY-SA 4.0. We verify the validity of the words discussed in this article against our own data and official Scrabble dictionaries such as the NASPA Word List and SOWPODS (Collins Scrabble Words).

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