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The word ZAX played in Scrabble
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ZIG is valid to play in Scrabble for 13 points

About the word ZIG

The word’s Zig meaning is a sudden sharp turn or change of direction, for example, “a zig in the road.”

In a Scrabble game, players can extend zig with the use of many suffixes. Some example extensions include “zigs”, “zigged”, and “zigging” which all score extra points.

An infographic for the word ZIG in Scrabble

Definitions of ZIG

  • (noun) A sudden or sharp turn or change of direction.
  • (verb) To make such a turn.

Words Containing ZIG

  • zigs 14
  • zigan 15
  • zigans 16
  • zigged 18
  • zigzag 26
  • tzigane 17
  • zigging 19
  • tzigany 20
  • ziganka 21
  • zigzags 27
  • tziganes 18
  • ziggurat 19
  • spritzig 20
  • zigankas 22
  • zigzaggy 32
  • tziganies 19
  • ziggurats 20
  • dziggetai 21
  • spritzigs 21
  • zigzagger 30
  • zigzagged 31
  • zwanziger 31
  • dziggetais 22
  • zigzaggers 31
  • zigzaggier 31
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ZAX is valid to play in Scrabble for 19 points

About the word ZAX

A zax is a type of tool used for cutting and punching holes in slate or roofing materials. Some synonyms for Zax include “hatchet” and “axe”. In a sentence, you could say “Could you hand me the zax please Bob.”

Zax is a less common word due to its use of the rare letters “Z” and “X”, but it can be a valuable addition to your Scrabble vocabulary. “Zax” can also be played by hooking a “Z” onto the word “Ax” or an “X” onto the word “Za”. Zax can be extended with an “es” to make “Zaxes”, so keep an eye out for these winning combinations during your game.

Definitions of ZAX

  • (noun) A tool, similar to a hatchet, used to prepare slate for roofing.

Words Containing ZAX


ZEE is valid to play in Scrabble for 12 points

About the word ZEE

The definition of Zee is the 26th letter in the Roman alphabet, a.k.a the letter Z.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon to find the word Zee used as an informal term meaning to catch some sleep. For example, “I’m going to get some zees.”

Players who pick up the Z letter tile in Scrabble will find Zee a great addition to their vocabulary. Its use of two E’s makes it a common Scrabble word by probability alone. An alternative to Zee utilising the Z tile is “ze,” a gender-neutral pronoun, which only uses one E.

It is possible to extend Zee with words such as “zees” to make the word plural, “fuzee” and “razee.”

Definitions of ZEE

  • (noun) The name of the Latin-script letter Z.
  • (noun) Something Z-shaped. Found in compounds.
  • (verb) To sleep or nap. (Compare zzz, catch some z's.)
  • (verb) To zigzag; to move with sharp alternating turns.

Words Containing ZEE

  • zees 13
  • mzee 15
  • razee 14
  • mzees 16
  • fuzee 17
  • razees 15
  • razeed 16
  • fuzees 18
  • razeeing 18
  • armozeen 19
  • disseizee 19
  • armozeens 20
  • disseizees 20
  • recognizee 22
  • chimpanzee 28
  • recognizees 23
  • chimpanzees 29
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ZZZ is valid to play in Scrabble for 30 points

About the word ZZZ

Although rare, “ZZZ” is a Scrabble word worth 30 points in total. The phrase “zzz” can be used as a verb which means to sleep or snore and as an interjection representing the sound of a person snoring or sleeping.

”ZZZ” is very uncommon in Scrabble as to play this word in a single turn you’d need to use the only “Z” letter tile along with both blank tiles.

Although on paper “ZZZ” is worth 30 points, in reality, this could never be achieved as when playing a blank tile in Scrabble the points value remains at 0, thus making the maximum you could score by playing this word only 10 points (without any multipliers). You can learn more about blank tile scoring in our blog post.

”ZZZ” can be extended in only one way, which is to add an “S” to make “ZZZS”.

Definitions of ZZZ

  • (verb) To sleep or snore.
  • (interjection) A snoring sound, implying that somebody is asleep.

Words Containing ZZZ


ZIN is valid to play in Scrabble for 12 points

About the word ZIN

The word ZIN is short for Zinfandel, a type of red wine that is produced from a grape variety of the same name. Its origins are often traced back to Croatia from a grape called “Crljenak.”

If ZIN has been played during your Scrabble game and you want to expand on it, ZINS the plural of ZIN is a good choice. Additionally, ZING, ZINE, and ZINC are good expansions.

Words Containing ZIN

  • zine 13
  • zins 13
  • zing 14
  • zinc 15
  • azine 14
  • ezine 14
  • sozin 14
  • zines 14
  • zings 15
  • zinco 16
  • zincs 16
  • zineb 16
  • zingy 18
  • zinke 18
  • zincy 19
  • zinky 21
  • azines 15
  • ezines 15
  • seizin 15
  • sozine 15
  • sozins 15
  • zinnia 15
  • diazin 16
  • lazing 16
  • oozing 16
  • More ZIN words

Word definition sourced from Wiktionary under CC BY-SA 4.0. We verify the validity of the words discussed in this article against our own data and official Scrabble dictionaries such as the NASPA Word List and SOWPODS (Collins Scrabble Words).

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