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The word ZA played on a Scrabble board

In Scrabble, the letter Z plays an important role, being the most valuable tile in the game. Players looking for two-letter Z words should know there are only three options: ZA, ZO, and ZE. Read further into each of these words below to find out about their meanings and usage.

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ZA is valid to play in Scrabble for 11 points

About the word ZA

Za is acceptable across all regions (US, Canada, UK, and the remainder of the world) that Scrabble is played. It is a great word to easily play the “Z” letter tile.

The word za is a noun simply meaning the word pizza in a shortened form. The inclusion of za in the Scrabble word list sparked some controversy among players when it was first introduced. Some players believed the word to be mere slang, however, it was eventually accepted and recognised by official dictionaries.

Za can be very easily extended to make some great high-scoring words such as “Zax” worth 19 points, “Zap” for 14 points, and “Zag” for 13 points. Because za is both easy to play and has a high-scoring potential, we recommend players memorise this word to enhance their playing abilities and chances of winning. Za’s biggest potential for players comes from strategically playing it on bonus squares to maximise points.

Definitions of ZA

  • (noun) (1970s, 1980s) Pizza.

Words Containing ZA

  • zas 12
  • zag 13
  • zap 14
  • zax 19
  • azan 13
  • izar 13
  • riza 13
  • tzar 13
  • zari 13
  • zati 13
  • zags 14
  • czar 15
  • zaps 15
  • zany 16
  • zarf 16
  • zack 19
  • azans 14
  • izars 14
  • lazar 14
  • rizas 14
  • seiza 14
  • senza 14
  • sizar 14
  • tzars 14
  • zaire 14
  • More ZA words


ZO is valid to play in Scrabble for 11 points

About the word ZO

Zo is a word for a Tibetan breed of cattle.

The word Zo is an amazingly easy way to play the letter “Z” tile as it only requires one extra letter. This is excellent for players who get stuck with the “Z” character or for those who pick up the “Z” late in the game and therefore may be short on options.

Zo can be extended in many ways, but we personally like the words “Zoo” and “Azo” as similarly easy options for playing off this word. Alternative “Z” words that are only two letters long include “Za” a shorthand for pizza and “Ze” a gender-neutral pronoun.

Short words that utilise a high-scoring letter tile like Zo carry a large amount of potential for picking up easy points through multiplier squares. Because of this, we’d recommend keeping Zo at the top of your memory for future games.

The word ZO played on a Scrabble board

Words Containing ZO

  • azo 12
  • zoa 12
  • zol 12
  • zoo 12
  • zos 12
  • dzo 13
  • azon 13
  • lazo 13
  • orzo 13
  • ouzo 13
  • zoea 13
  • zols 13
  • zona 13
  • zone 13
  • zoon 13
  • zoos 13
  • zoot 13
  • zori 13
  • dzos 14
  • bozo 15
  • mozo 15
  • zobo 15
  • zobu 15
  • zoic 15
  • zoom 15
  • More ZO words


ZE is valid to play in Scrabble for 11 points

About the word ZE

The word “ze” is a gender-neutral pronoun that non-binary or a person of an unspecified gender uses to refer to themselves instead of gender-specific pronouns like “he” or “she.” Ze is simply pronounced like “zee” and is often used in combination with the “hir” pronoun. In an example sentence: “Ze played a game of Scrabble.” For those looking to read more about this pronoun, we’d recommend this guide to gender-neutral pronouns.

We love this word being made official in the Scrabble dictionary as it shows support and recognition towards the LGBTQ+ community 🏳️‍🌈. If you play “ze” within your game, it can be extended in many ways such as to create the word “Zex” or “Zek.”

The word ZE played on a Scrabble board

Definitions of ZE

  • (pronoun) A gender-neutral third-person singular subject pronoun, equivalent to singular they, and coordinate with gendered pronouns he and she.

Words Containing ZE

  • zea 12
  • zee 12
  • zel 12
  • zen 12
  • zed 13
  • zep 14
  • zek 16
  • zex 19
  • laze 13
  • naze 13
  • ooze 13
  • raze 13
  • size 13
  • toze 13
  • zeal 13
  • zeas 13
  • zees 13
  • zein 13
  • zels 13
  • zens 13
  • zero 13
  • zest 13
  • zeta 13
  • adze 14
  • daze 14
  • More ZE words

Word definition sourced from Wiktionary under CC BY-SA 4.0. We verify the validity of the words discussed in this article against our own data and official Scrabble dictionaries such as the NASPA Word List and SOWPODS (Collins Scrabble Words).

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