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The letter H tile in Scrabble
By Stephen Lunt 1 JUL 2024

Read on to find out which words containing the letter H are valid to play in Scrabble. I’ll cover words from just two letters in length up to seven letters and give you some handy tips for discovering additional H words.


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H Letter Tile Facts

In a standard game of Scrabble, the letter bag contains a total of two H tiles. This means that in each game, there are likely to be two words played with a H unless someone uses both in the same word.

Its points score of 4 puts it in the middle of the pack in Scrabble. It doesn’t fetch as high as 10 points, such as the rare characters like Q and Z, but isn’t as low as those 1-point vowels.

Furthermore, H is a frequent letter in the Scrabble dictionary. Approximately 59,000 words contain a H, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to create some brilliant words using this letter.

Two Letter H Words

Overall, 11 two-letter H words are playable in Scrabble. “Ch” and “Hm” are worth the most, at 7 points each. The complete list is below:

  • CH (7 Points) - a dialect form of I.
  • HM (7 Points) - a metric unit of length equal to 100 meters (a hectometer).
  • EH (5 Points) - an expression used to request clarification of something said.
  • HA (5 Points) - an expression of laughter.
  • OH (5 Points) - an expression of surprise, wonder, or awe.
  • HI (5 Points) - a greeting used to say hello.
  • UH (5 Points) - an expression of thought, confusion, or uncertainty.
  • AH (5 Points) - an expression of realisation.
  • HE (5 Points) - a pronoun used for a male person or animal.
  • HO (5 Points) - an interjection to express surprise or joy.
  • SH (5 Points) - to request silence through a “shh” sound.

The word HI played on a Scrabble board


Three Letter H Words

There are over 120 acceptable three-letter H words to play. Here are just some of them and their definitions.

  • ZHO (15 Points) - a hybrid animal of a yak and a domesticated cow.
  • HEX (13 Points) - a magical evil spell.
  • WHY (12 Points) - to question the reason, cause, or purpose of something.
  • YEH (9 Points) - an informal shortening of “yeah.”
  • HAY (9 Points) - a plant-based matter of mowed and cured grass, often used as animal feed.
  • SHY (9 Points) - a person lacking in self-confidence.
  • HIP (8 Points) - a projecting part of the body around the pelvis.
  • HOP (8 Points) - to jump, sometimes on one leg/foot.
  • HUE (6 Points) - a shade of colour, tint, or dye.
  • HOT (6 Points) - something high in temperature or burning.
  • HEN (6 Points) - an adult female chicken.
  • HAT (6 Points) - a piece of clothing worn on the head.

View the complete 3-letter H-word list here.

Four Letter H Words

  • HIZZ (25 Points) - a variant spelling of the word “hiss.”
  • HAJJ (21 Points) - a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
  • HAZY (19 Points) - something that is unclear or non-transparent.
  • HAWK (14 Points) - a type of bird.
  • HOAX (14 Points) - something which is deceptive or to trick somebody.
  • WHIP (12 Points) - the act of beating something with a whip, a piece of material, typically leather.
  • HYPE (12 Points) - a heightened sensation around something.
  • CHEF (12 Points) - a person who cooks, typically a professional working in a restaurant.
  • CHOP (11 Points) - to cut something into pieces.
  • HIKE (11 Points) - an increase in something (typically referring to a numerical value such as money) or a type of walk.
  • HIGH (11 Points) - to a great extent, typically used to refer to elevation.
  • WISH (10 Points) - to desire something.
  • HALF (10 Points) - a whole of something divided into two.

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Five Letter H Words

  • WHIZZ (29 Points) - a whirring or hissing sound.
  • ZILCH (19 Points) - zero.
  • HAZEL (17 Points) - a greenish-brown colour.
  • WHIFF (17 Points) - a waft or smell of something.
  • CHECK (16 Points) - to examine something.
  • CHICK (16 Points) - a young bird.
  • HOWDY (15 Points) - an informal greeting.
  • HAPPY (15 Points) - a feeling of joy and pleasure.
  • SHOCK (14 Points) - to be taken by surprise by something.
  • CHALK (14 Points) - a piece of calcite, usually in the form of a crayon and used to write on blackboards.
  • THYME (13 Points) - a herb often used as a seasoning on food.
  • YACHT (13 Points) - a type of boat.
  • HIKER (12 Points) - a person who travels by foot/walking.
  • EPOCH (12 Points) - a period of time.
  • SHRUB (10 Points) - a type of plant.

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The word HOWDY played on a Scrabble board

Six Letter H Words

  • WHIZZY (33 Points) - something that is cool, innovative, or advanced in the technology space.
  • WHEEZY (24 Points) - breathing or coughing with a whistling sound.
  • HIJACK (22 Points) - to seize or take something by force.
  • CHEQUE (20 Points) - an instruction to pay money often written on paper.
  • WHISKY (19 Points) - an alcoholic spirit.
  • SQUISH (18 Points) - to crush something.
  • CHUNKY (18 Points) - something thick.
  • CHOKED (16 Points) - to be clogged up, often used when referring to a person choking on food.
  • FLASHY (15 Points) - something attractive or appealing to the eyes.
  • SKETCH (15 Points) - to draw something loosely.
  • SWITCH (14 Points) - a mechanism for turning something on or off, typically for electronics.
  • BEHAVE (14 Points) - to act in a manner in line with norms or the law.
  • TROPHY (14 Points) - a reward given for winning or achieving something, e.g., a sports trophy.

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Seven Letter Bingo H Words

Bingo words are a fantastic way to bag 50 extra bonus points, and there are plenty of seven-letter words containing a H to choose from.

  • LAZYISH (22 Points) - somewhat lazy.
  • CHORIZO (21 Points) - a type of pork sausage.
  • SQUELCH (21 Points) - a sucking sound.
  • HAMMOCK (20 Points) - a style of bed often suspended between two trees.
  • HALFWAY (19 Points) - midway between two points.
  • SKETCHY (19 Points) - something considered unsafe, e.g., a sketchy part of the neighbourhood.
  • TWITCHY (18 Points) - something or someone exhibiting characteristics of nervousness through sharp movements.
  • KETCHUP (18 Points) - a condiment made from tomatoes.
  • BABYISH (17 Points) - to act like a baby or for something to be characteristic of a baby.
  • HANDOFF (17 Points) - to hand something off to someone else, often used in American football when a ball is passed.
  • SHOCKED (17 Points) - something surprising in nature.

View the complete list of 7-letter H words here.

Double H Words

In the circumstance that you draw two H tiles from the letter bag, give one of these double H words a go. The easiest by far is “SHH,” worth 9 points.

  • HITCHHIKING (27 Points) - travelling in a stranger’s vehicle to get to a destination.
  • FISHHOOKS (22 Points) - a barbed hook, usually made of metal, used for fishing.
  • WITHHOLDS (19 Points) - to keep something to oneself.
  • BATHHOUSE (17 Points) - a communal building used for bathing and swimming.
  • WITHHELD (18 Points) - to keep back something to oneself.
  • SHH (9 Points) - to make a “shh” sound to request silence.

How To Find More H Words

Looking to find out where you can find more words for Scrabble beginning with the letter H? Try out these resources:

Hopefully, this article has given you inspiration for what’s possible with the H letter tile in Scrabble and set you up nicely to play some superb words in your next game. Happy playing!

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