Scrabble Words With V

Scrabble words with the letter V
By Stephen Lunt 15 FEB 2024

Having a good grasp of words containing the letter V may well save your Scrabble game when you next pick up this often problematic letter tile. Join us in this article to discover Scrabble V words you can use within your next game.


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Learn About The Letter V

The V letter tile in Scrabble can be one of the trickier ones to use that leaves players stumped struggling to find a word.

According to the Scrabble game rules the V tile has a point value of 4 points. This places its scoring potential middle of the pack between higher value tiles like Q or Z at 10 points and the lower value tiles such as vowels. The V tile is also somewhat rare, with only two Vs available to use per game.

The Scrabble dictionary contains approximately 22,600 acceptable V words for players to choose from. This means a surprising 8% of the Scrabble word base are words containing a V (which may be more than some players first imagined).

In this article, we’ll cover some of these words in-depth to give you inspiration and ideas for V words to play in your Scrabble games. So stay tuned as we take a deep dive into this topic.

Two-Letter V Words

Unfortunately, there are no valid two-letter V words in the Scrabble dictionary. This may be sad news for those of you who have come here to find one to play, but why not try for a three-letter word instead? They are sometimes just as easy to play and can be worth additional points.


Three-Letter V Words

There are a total of 55 acceptable three-letter V words for Scrabble. These range from high scorers like “Vax”, “Vex”, and “Vox” to lower-value words such as “Vol”, “Var”, and “Vin”.

The Scrabble word Vin

Here are some of the most notable words, including their definition and points breakdown:

  • Vax - a common shortening for vaccine or vaccination (13 points).
  • Vex - to cause annoyance or disturbance (13 points).
  • Vox - the sound made by the vibration of vocal cords (13 points).
  • Ivy - a type of climbing plant (9 points).
  • Vow - a solemn pledge (9 points).
  • Vim - a lively style (8 points).
  • Vac - an alternative term for vacation or vacuum cleaner (8 points).
  • Vom - a slang term meaning to vomit (8 points).
  • Dev - short-term for developer or development (7 points).
  • Vid - yet another short-term, short-for video (7 points).
  • Div - another term for divvy (i.e., “divvy up”) or a shortened term for division in mathematics (7 points).
  • Vin - a type of wine (6 points).
  • Var - a unit of electrical power in an AC circuit (6 points).
  • Nav - short for navigation (6 points).
  • Vol - short for volume or volatile (6 points).
  • Vat - an open vessel for storing liquids, or a tax placed on goods and services (6 points).

Four-Letter V Words

In total, the Scrabble dictionary contains around 230 4-letter words with a V. The top-scoring ones are “Vizy” at 19 points and “Jivy” at 17 points.

  • Vizy - meaning to look or aim at something, commonly a target (19 points).
  • Jivy - to be lively, often associated with jive music (17 points).
  • Java - coffee, a programming language, and island in Indonesia. Java really does mean a lot of things (14 points).
  • Jive - a style of jazz music (14 points).
  • Wavy - an uneven appearance or surface, usually smooth in nature (13 points).
  • Davy - a legally binding statement or oath (11 points).
  • Vamp - to repair or improve something, revamp (11 points).
  • Tivy - meaning with great speed (10 points).
  • Wave - a versatile word with many meanings; to signal with a hand, the movement up and down in physics, or a series of ridges that moves across a body of liquid such as the ocean (10 points).
  • View - the act of seeing or observing (10 points).
  • Vibe - an emotional aura (9 points).
  • Vice - immoral, often criminal, activity (9 points).
  • Void - lack of binding force or to declare invalid (8 points).
  • Visa - a document allowing entry to a country (7 points).
  • Vail - to lower something, often as a sign of respect (7 points).
  • Rave - a type of part (7 points).
  • Oval - an elongated circle (7 points).
  • Live - an in-person performance or showing (7 points).
  • Love - a powering feeling of affection or devotion (7 points).

Common letter combinations to look out for in this category are words ending in a Y. Furthermore, in higher-scoring words, the V is often in the 3rd place of the word, whereas in lower-scoring words is commonly the first letter.


Highest-Scoring V Words

V words don’t have to be simplistic and short, for players looking for a bit extra there are some exceptionally high-scoring options with a V. These are the highest-scoring word prospects to choose from:

  • Zyzzyvas and Zyzzyva - a type of Southern American weevil (small beetle) worth 44 and 43 points respectively.
  • Quinquevalency - an alternative word for pentavalent, a term used in chemistry meaning having a valency of five. 40 points in Scrabble.
  • Subjectivizing - to make something subjective for 38 points.

As you may have seen, there is one caveat to the first two words mentioned is that they contain a triple Z and double Q. Consequently, they require blank tiles to be made by Scrabble players on the board. Thus, reducing their scoring significantly as blank tiles are always scored at 0 points.

This means “subjectivizing” becomes the true highest-scoring V word in Scrabble as none of its high-value letters repeat.

V Words That Score a Bingo

Bingos are an excellent opportunity to pick up some extra points from your Scrabble word by playing all seven of your letter tiles in a single turn. This scores an additional 50 bonus points for the lucky players who manage it.

Getting bingos in Scrabble requires skill and good knowledge of the dictionary, so here are some potential 7-letter bingo words with a V you could use yourself.

  • Quivers - a shaky motion. An excellent combination of the Q and V tiles in Scrabble (19 points).
  • Waveoff - to give up (19 points).
  • Chavish - in the manner of a chav, slang (18 points).
  • Skydive - to jump from an aeroplane with a parachute (18 points).
  • Javelin - a spear thrown in an athletic field event (17 points).
  • Behaved - to behave and act positively (16 points).
  • Provoke - to evoke/bring on emotions or actions in someone (16 points).
  • Brevity - to be brief (15 points).
  • Overbuy - to purchase too much of something (15 points).
  • Voyaged - to sail along a sea or river (15 points).

There are many more possibilities than those listed above for V-letter bingos.


Words With Double V’s

Back-to-back V words are less common, but a fun way to play both the V letter tiles should you have them. Here are some examples:

  • Bevvy - informal for an alcoholic drink (16 points).
  • Skivvy - a female domestic servant (19 points).
  • Revving - to “rev up” an engine (14 points).
  • Savviest - the most savvy, knowledgeable and switched-on individual (14 points).
  • Chivving - to encourage someone to do something (20 points).

If you’re looking for words just with 2 Vs (as opposed to back-to-back Vs) you could try:

  • Devolve - to pass or delete power (14 points).
  • Evasive - to avoid or escape something or someone (13 points).
  • Evaporative - something that causes evaporation (liquid to turn to gas) (19 points).
  • Evolve - to develop or change slowly over time (12 points).
  • Inventive - someone who creates or designed new things or thinks of new ideas (15 points).
  • Involved - to deal with something yourself or something complicated (15 points).
  • Survive - to live normally in the face of danger (13 points).

One great way of finding more double V words is to look out for the over prefix. This can let you combine a common V word with the letters “over” in front for better points.

Where To Find More V Words

Coming up with V words to play during your game can be daunting. We’ve created some great free tools to help you find words to play with. So why not try out our:

  • Word finder: find words starting with, containing, and ending with the letter V.
  • Dictionary checker: check if your V word is valid in the Scrabble dictionary.

Hopefully, you find these tools useful for locating new V words (or other letter words) to play.

If you’ve made it to this point in the article, you’re now an expert in Scrabble V words compared to your counterparts. Make sure to put this new wisdom to use in your next game and we wish you the best of luck! Happy playing.

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