Word Algebra - A New Word Game Combining Wordplay With Maths

Word Algebra
By Stephen Lunt 13 MAY 2024

Our second-word game, Word Algebra, is now available to play! It combines the art of solving anagrams and algebra puzzles into a playful daily game. Read on to learn more about its gameplay.


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Word Algebra Gameplay

As mentioned, Word Algebra is a daily game, meaning a new puzzle is released every day at midnight UTC. The game’s input is a mix of a target word and letter pattern (more on these below).

The aim of the game is to create as many word combinations as possible whose letters add up to create the daily target word. There will be a letter pattern that aligns with the number of letters in the target word. For example, if the target word was 8 letters long, the pattern may be a 5-letter and 3-letter word (5 + 3 = 8).

Each day’s puzzle will have more than 3 possible answers, often quite a bit more. Keep solving the puzzle until you run out of ideas.

Rules of Word Algebra

Like any game, Word Algebra is governed by rules, as outlined below.

Game rules:

  • All letters of the target word must be used exactly once. Like in algebra, the equation must balance.
  • Words must follow the daily letter pattern.
  • Words must be valid in our word list (i.e., misspelt or incorrect words do not count).
  • The target word will always be valid in our word list.

Outside of these rules, feel free to be creative in the words you create. Remember, letters can be rearranged in any order as long as each letter from the target is only used once.


Example Word Algebra Rounds

To illustrate the gameplay mechanics and rules described above, I’ll provide a couple of examples based on the game’s first few days of puzzle inputs.

Example 1 - Pancakes

Given a target word of PANCAKES and a letter pattern of 3-letters + 5-letters, the following would be valid answers:


Example 2 - Sandwich

Given a target word of SANDWICH and a letter pattern of 4-letters + 4-letters, the following are valid examples:


Where To Play Word Algebra

Excited to try out Word Algebra? Play Word Algebra here.

Don’t forget to share your words on social media and return at midnight (UTC) each day for a new round. Good luck and happy playing.

Stephen Lunt is Word Checker's founder and primary content writer. He loves to share his experiences and knowledge of word games through writing and creating handy online tools for players to use.

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