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Welcome to Word Checker! Our website is a collection of word game tools aimed at helping players find and learn new words for their favourite games, such as Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Wordle. Additionally, we enjoy sharing our experiences and knowledge with the community, which you can find in our word game blog.

We understand word games can be challenging and intimidating, especially for new players. That's why we established Word Checker in 2022. Our goal is to be a reliable source of information, guidance, and resources for word game fans of any ability. We strive to help players enhance their playing experience and skills through our tools and expertise shared by real-world game enthusiasts.

Our Word Games

In 2024, Word Checker launched two of its very own word games that are exclusive to wordchecker.io. This is Word Triad, a game where players must try to create the three highest-scoring words from seven randomly generated letters for that day. Secondly, Word Algebra, which involves unscrambling words to make the letters from two or more words add up to the target word.

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We are always more than happy to hear from our users, whether it be suggestions for a new tool, feature request, or to report a bug on our site. Feel free to contact us using the below email.

Email us at: [email protected]

You can also find us on Pinterest, follow us on X (Twitter), and explore our Word Checker Linktree Page.

Our Team

Stephen Lunt

Stephen is the founder and primary content writer for Word Checker. He loves to share his knowledge of Scrabble and use his skills as a Software Engineer to create great tools that help players learn new words.

Our Word Tools

Scrabble Word Checker

Check words in the Scrabble dictionary to get a definitive answer on a words validity to be played.
Use our word checker

Scrabble Word Finder

Find words starting, containing, or ending in specific letter combinations for Scrabble.
Use our word finder

Anagram Solver

Unscramble letter combinations to find hidden words with our anagram solver.
Use our anagram solver

Word Counter

Count the number of words, characters, and sentences within a piece of text.
Use our word counter

Scrabble Bingo Finder

Find those tricky 7-letter bingo words from your letter tiles with our handy bingo finder.
Use our bingo finder

Scrabble Bingo Practice

Gain practice unscrambling 7-letter anagrams from our randomly generated bingo stems.
Use our bingo practice tool

Anagram Checker

Check if two strings of text are anagrams of each other or not.
Use our anagram checker

Random Word Generator

Instantly get a new random word each time with our generator.
Use our random word generator

Random Letter Generator

Generate a random letter from A-Z or use your own characters.
Use our random letter generator