Scrabble Bingo Finder

Enter between 7 and 15 letters, and our bingo finder for Scrabble will find all possible bingo word combinations.

What is Bingo Finder?

Our bingo finding tool is the fastest way of searching the Scrabble dictionary for 7 plus letter words matching your letter tiles. Enter between 7-15 characters and click FIND to unscramble your letters now.

What is a Scrabble bingo?

A Scrabble bingo is achieved when a player uses all 7 of their letter tiles in a single turn. Players who successfully play a bingo are awarded an additional bonus of 50 points in that round.

This makes bingos a valuable strategy for those players looking to win their opponents, as they often make or break a game.

What does the bingo finder do?

To score a bingo, a player must find a valid 7-letter word from their letter tiles. This can be a tricky task, which is where our bingo finder steps in.

Our Scrabble bingo finder searches the dictionary for acceptable 7+ letter words in Scrabble to play. This helpful tool can be used in or out of games to improve your vocabulary and find new words to play.

Although a Scrabble bingo only involves playing 7 letter tiles, our finder will include longer words as these could still be valid bingo achieved through hooking letters onto existing words.

How do I use the bingo finder?

Using our bingo finder is easy! Simply follow the steps below.

  • Enter 7+ letters in the search box at the top of this page.
  • Click the button labelled "FIND".
  • Beneath the search box, results will appear in the section titled "Potential Bingos" sorted by word length.

To find out more about a word found by the bingo finder, click on it to be taken to a word page for that individual Scrabble word. Here you can find information such as its points value, definition, and similar words.

It is best to only search for bingos in an active game if agreed with your opponent.

Where can I find more advice on bingos?

If you are looking for additional guidance and expert advice for finding bingos in Scrabble, read our guide to finding Scrabble bingos.

This guide contains alternative methods for locating bingos in Scrabble such as using prefixes and suffixes, plural words, and letter probabilities.


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