Anagrams of Palindromic Words

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Anagrams of palindrome words

Anagrams have long fascinated word enthusiasts by transforming language into puzzles through the playful rearrangement of letters to create new words. Pairing them with palindromic words, those magical sequences that read the same forwards and backwards, adds an extra layer of intrigue.

In this blog post, I’ll delve into the world of anagrams nestled within palindromes through a fun quiz to provide plenty of examples.

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What is a Palindrome?

A palindrome word is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “a word or group of words that is the same when you read it forwards from the beginning or backwards from the end.”

A simple example of a palindrome is the word “mom.” When read forward or backward, the order of letters is exactly the same, e.g., M-O-M. Some additional simple examples include wow, noon, civic, and rotator.

Palindrome of the word civic graphic

Palindrome Anagrams Quiz

I’ve created a fun play-along quiz to demonstrate more palindromic words combined with anagrams. For each word listed below, try to unscramble its letters to create a valid English word. Clues have been provided to help you along.

  1. LELVE (Clue: examples of this might be “high” or “low”).
  2. ADARR (Clue: this is often used by the military).
  3. AMDMA (Clue: a formal greeting).
  4. CERRCAA (Clue: they go very fast).
  5. ERREF (Clue: seek guidance from a source of wisdom).
  6. AYKAK (Clue: something that may be seen on a lake).
  7. ENTET (Clue: the name of a movie).
  8. AHNAHN (Clue: a name from a popular TV show).
  9. IRREVEV (Clue: brought back to life).
  10. AOPOBHAHIIB (Clue: its meaning is related to this blog post).

When you’re ready, scroll down the page to see the quiz answers.

Anagram Quiz Answers

Ready to see how well you performed? Check each answer off below.

  1. LEVEL - the word level has multiple meanings, from a set standard to surface levels.
  2. RADAR - a technology which uses radio waves to determine the positioning of an object.
  3. MADAM - typically seen as a respectful way to address a woman.
  4. RACECAR - a type of vehicle designed for competitive racing.
  5. REFER - is to direct attention to or cite a source of information.
  6. KAYAK - is a small, narrow boat for sporting and recreational purposes.
  7. TENET - a principle or belief fundamental to a particular religion, philosophy, or ideology. The movie from this word clue is Tenet by Christopher Nolan.
  8. HANNAH - a popular female name and TV show Hannah Montana from the word clue.
  9. REVIVER - describes something that restores or brings back vitality, energy, or enthusiasm, often used about a person or a product.
  10. AIBOHPHOBIA - is an unofficial word meaning the fear of palindromes. It is a somewhat jokey term, given it’s a valid palindrome.


Now you’ve seen a few examples of palindromic words created into anagrams, feel free to explore more yourself. There are thousands of additional palindrome words you can examine and discover their meanings.

If you enjoy the style of our quiz, please check out our complete collection of anagram quizzes, where you can find plenty more.

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