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The X letter tile in Scrabble
By Stephen Lunt 15 FEB 2024

In this article we’ll explore why the letter X is one of the most valuable in Scrabble, touching on what words players can make out of this often tricky-to-use letter tile. Stay tuned to the end to discover ways you can find more X words for future Scrabble games.


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About The X Letter Tile

In a Scrabble game, the X letter tile comes in alongside the J as the second most valuable letter in the game. The points value of the X tile is 8 - meaning only the Q and Z tiles beat it being worth 10 each.

As with other tiles, the more points it’s worth the fewer tiles are included in the Scrabble bag. This means the X tile is rare, with only one X tile per game excluding blanks.

This makes it even more so important for players to use the tile strategically if they draw it to maximize the scoring potential in their game.

Hopefully, the following lists of words will come in handy for you during your next (or current) game to provide some inspiration for what’s possible with the letter X.

Two Letter X Words

Per the official game dictionaries, there are a grand total of 5 two-letter X words that are valid to be played.

All of these two-letter words with an X have a point score of 9 as they utilize the X for 8 points and an additional vowel for 1 point.

AX - 9 Points

  • Definition & meaning: a tool for cutting wood. The American version of the word “axe.”
  • In a sentence: “John went to the forest to chop some wood with his ax.”

XI - 9 Points

  • Definition & meaning: the 14th letter of the Classical and Modern Greek alphabet.
  • Possible Scrabble extensions: Exit, Axis, Toxic, Pixie, and more!

EX - 9 Points

  • Definition & meaning: ex is a versatile word with many meanings, however, it most commonly refers to something or someone that is in the past. For example, an ex-partner.
  • In a sentence: “Mary is John’s ex-wife.”

OX - 9 Points

  • Definition & meaning: a bread of bull of the genus Bos.
  • Possible Scrabble extensions: Wox, Vox, Box, Dox, Foxy, and more!

XU - 9 Points

  • Definition & meaning: a formerly used monetary unit of Vietnam worth one-hundredth of a dong.
  • In a sentence: “Eric owed the Vietnamese farmer a few xu.”

Two-letter words can be valuable in a Scrabble game to remember as they’re a great means to bag some easy points and will prevent you from ever getting stuck with a difficult letter tile like X.

The word “Xu” played on a Scrabble board


Three Letter X Words

There are considerably more valid three-letter X words in Scrabble than two-letter ones, hence we won’t cover all of these in this article.

Here are some potential three-letter X words you can use:

  • Zax and Zex - both are words for a tool for cutting roofing slates and the highest scoring 3-letter X words at 19 points.
  • Kex - a Swedish term for a type of biscuit or cracker (14 points).
  • Vax - a shortened form of the word vaccine (13 points).
  • Wax - a substance that’s solid at room temperature but can melt when heated (13 points).
  • Hex - has multiple meanings; a hexagonal grid shape or in computing short for hexadecimal, a 16-bit based numerical system (13 points).
  • Fax - a type of telecommunications device for transmitting scanned documents or images (13 points).
  • Vox - a Latin word meaning voice. Often used in the music industry to refer to a human’s voice or vocal cords (13 points).
  • Fix - to repair or mend something (13 points).
  • Pox - historically a word used to refer to infectious diseases (12 points).
  • Cox - the helmsman of a ship’s boat, racing, or rowing crew (12 points).
  • Max - short for maximum, i.e., the greatest amount of something (12 points).
  • Mix - a blend of different things together. Versatile across contexts, i.e., a mix of a mixture, to mix in a social circle, to have mixed emotions (12 points).
  • Dex - short for either dexterity or dexamethasone (11 points).
  • Lox - a brine-cured salmon that is lightly smoked (10 points).
  • Sox - the plural of a sock, i.e., a pair of socks (10 points).
  • Axe - a tool for chopping wood (10 points).
  • Sax - short for saxophone, a brass instrument (10 points).
  • Rex - a male sovereign or ruler of a kingdom (10 points).
  • Six - the cardinal number “6” (10 points).

Bingo 7 Letter X Words

A bingo in Scrabble is achieved by playing all 7 of your letter tiles in one turn. These are so powerful as they score players an additional 50 bonus points for that round.

There are many possible ways to get a bingo using the X letter tile, these are some of our favorites that we’ve picked out:

  • Fuzzbox - a device used in music to create a fuzzy distorted sound (37 points, although realistically this is 27 points due to the double Z requiring a blank tile).
  • Jukebox - a machine that plays music, typically found in bars (27 points).
  • Foxhunt - a traditional sport where a fox is hunted (20 points).
  • Cashbox - a container or small safe for storing money (21 points).
  • Example - to illustrate something by providing an instance or case of it (18 points).
  • Explore - to travel or investigate something or somewhere (16 points).
  • Lexicon - a collection of words or phrases, similar to a dictionary (16 points).

Double X Words

Words that contain two X’s are very rare both in Scrabble and the English language. In fact, there are only two valid words for Scrabble players to use, these are:

  • Antivaxxer - 10 letters, 27 points.
  • Antivaxxers - 11 letters, 28 points.

An antivaxxer is defined as someone who disagrees with giving people or animals a vaccination. Read more about the word antivaxxer from the Cambridge Dictionary.

Both these words are good examples of the “Anti-” word prefix being put to good use, however, there are some caveats to playing either of these words.

As there is only one X tile per game, creating either of these words would require a blank in combination with the X. Hence, players must weigh up if this is the optimal use of their blank tile.

Furthermore, as “vaxxer” alone is not a valid word, you’d need the word “Anti” to already of been played in your game so it could later be extended with “vaxxer” to make this possible.

As you can imagine, this makes it fairly difficult to play these words and probably isn’t in the player’s best interest if you’re going for points. Additionally, the requirement for a blank tile to be used effectively reduces each word’s points 19 and 20 respectively.

Strategies For Scrabble X Words

The strategies and tactics for playing X words in Scrabble are similar to playing any other high-value letter tile.

Here are some of our tips to get the most out of the X tile:

  • Memorize all the two-letter X words (Ax, Xi, Ex, Ox, & Xu) off by heart. These are such a valuable resource in case you get stuck with an X and require an easy play.
  • As X is a high-value tile, always play it on a bonus square to maximize the number of points for the word. Playing the letter X with no multipliers is only 8 points, but this quickly goes up to 16 for a double square and 24 for a triple.
  • Remember this handy formula for three-letter X words: consonant, vowel, “X”. Over 90% of three-letter X words follow this pattern, for example, “Fix”, “Zex”, “Hex”, “Max”, and more.
  • Capitalize on hooks. If you explore the dictionary more deeply a lot of X words can be made by hooking your X onto an existing word on the board. Therefore, keep an eye open for opportunities to play the board instead of only making a word from your tile rack.

How To Find More X Words

If you have a word in mind that you’d just like to check is valid, our word checker is the perfect option. Or to search the dictionary and match against your tile rack, our word finder tool is perfect for anagram solving.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the letter X through our article and as always happy playing!

Stephen Lunt is Word Checker's founder and primary content writer. He loves to share his experiences and knowledge of word games through writing and creating handy online tools for players to use.

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