Bingo Practice

Gain practice unscrambling seven-letter anagrams using our bingo practice tool.

Your Bingo Stem

Your practice bingo stem is made up of the following letter tiles. Can you unscramble the 7 letter word within?
  • S
  • S
  • K
  • H
  • A
  • K
  • U

How do I use the bingo practice tool?

The page will present you with 7-letters in random order. Using these letters, you must unscramble the anagram to find a valid 7-letter word from the Scrabble dictionary.

Once you have a guess, enter it into the form above on this page.

The "CHECK" button will check if the word is valid in Scrabble. Whereas, the "GIVE IN" button will forfeit your turn if you are struggling and let you know the correct answer. You can check a guess an unlimited amount of times.

Use the "RELOAD" button to go again. There is no limit to the number of times you can practice solving bingos and it's a great way to improve your playing skills.

Is there always a valid bingo?

Yes. Each practice round uses a bingo stem from the Scrabble dictionary, so there is a word to be found each time.

Some words may be difficult to find, but that's all part of the fun!

Can there be multiple bingos in one round?

Yes. It is possible that the bingo stem given to you could contain multiple valid words.

Take the stem "ENIGSTA" for example. This contains "SEATING," "EATINGS," and "TEASING," as well as other words. This is because it uses popular letters.

In this case, any valid word would be accepted as a correct answer.

Are the bingo stems completely random?

Yes, each time the page is refreshed a new random bingo stem is chosen.

We cannot guarantee bingo stems will not repeat, but it is unlikely as one is randomly selected from around 35,000 options.

How difficult are the bingo words to find?

The difficulty of each word varies. Some words may be harder to find than others as the word is completely random.

If you find a particularly difficult word, do not worry about giving in, as you can reload the practice tool straight away.

Do you have any advice for finding bingos?

Check out our article titled How To Get a Bingo in Scrabble. It contains many useful tips and strategies you can use to locate more bingos in your game.

Alternatively, use our Scrabble Bingo Finder to search the dictionary from scrambled-up letters.