New Year Anagrams Quiz

New Year anagrams
By Stephen Lunt 27 DEC 2023

The 2024 New Year is almost upon us. To mark the occasion for all our word game fans, we’ve put together a quiz of 7 New Year anagrams to solve.


How to play

  • Attempt to solve each anagram from the jumbled-up letters.
  • When ready, click the dropdown icon or on the word to reveal the answer.

Some words may be more difficult than others, but all are solvable anagrams. Best of luck!


Answer: Resolution

”Resolution” is a term frequently linked with New Year’s. It typically means making a decision or promise to accomplish or attain something in the upcoming year. Many people create New Year’s resolutions to establish objectives and bring about positive changes in their lives each year. For example, losing weight or giving up a bad habit.


Answer: Fireworks

Fireworks are symbolic of New Year celebrations worldwide. Their vibrant displays of bright lights and loud explosions create a joyous and exhilarating atmosphere when the clock strikes midnight, marking the transition from the old year to the new.

The tradition of setting off fireworks further carries meanings such as the cleansing of the past, the welcoming of new beginnings, and, in some cultures, the belief in their ability to ward off evil spirits.


Answer: Celebration

The word “celebration” encapsulates the collective joy and festivity associated with bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the new one.

New Year’s Eve serves as a momentous occasion for people worldwide to come together and express their collective happiness through various rituals and traditions. Whether through elaborate parties, communal gatherings, or more intimate moments with loved ones, the concept of celebration during the New Year represents a shared acknowledgement of the passage of time and a collective optimism for the possibilities that the future holds.


Answer: Midnight

The word “midnight” is tied to the New Year as it marks the precise moment when the old year transitions into the new one. The arrival of midnight on New Year’s Eve represents the passing of one year to another.

It is at this exact moment that celebrations peak, often accompanied by the striking of clocks, the cheering of crowds, and the display of fireworks.


Answer: Party

The word “party” is synonymous with New Year’s Eve celebrations, signifying the joyous festivities and gatherings that accompany the transition from one year to the next. New Year’s parties serve as vibrant hubs of communal revelry, where friends, family, and communities come together to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new.

These gatherings often feature music, dancing, and a festive atmosphere. The concept of a New Year’s party encapsulates the collective desire to mark the occasion in a lively and memorable way, fostering a sense of unity and optimism as participants embrace the opportunities and adventures that the coming year may hold.


Answer Champagne

”Champagne”, a sparkling wine, is closely associated with New Year’s Eve festivities. Popping open a bottle of champagne has become a traditional and iconic way to mark the stroke of midnight, symbolizing the joy and extravagance of the moment.

Sharing a toast with champagne has become a universal gesture of well-wishing, uniting people in a collective expression of hope and optimism as they raise their glasses to new beginnings.


Answer: Countdown

A countdown to midnight is a universal tradition, marked by the ticking seconds, illuminated numerals, or the striking of a clock, signalling the close of the year. This ceremonial countdown serves as a unifying moment, bringing people together in a shared experience of counting in a new year.


Thank you for joining us by taking part in our New Year anagrams quiz! Hopefully, you were able to solve most of these scrambled-up words.

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Happy New Year everybody!

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